Friday, September 20, 2013

That's Life

"I came into this world naked and confused. Now I have clothes."
-- Charles Baker (Skinny Pete)

Breaking Bad Prediction

Todd's neo-nazi ex-con Uncle Jack will surely share some of the $70 million with him. So why is Todd bothering with cooking meth (and keeping Jesse alive to make it 99% pure)? It must be part of Todd's plan to woo Lydia. And what's Lydia's tragic flaw? Her addiction to Stevia.

Walt will poison Lydia by disguising ricin in a packet of Stevia. It will be part of a plot (a la Brock) to flush out Todd as a pre-requisite for saving Jesse, and redeeming Walt's soul.

And somehow Walt will kill Uncle Jack, get his money back, and use it for benefit of Jesse and/or the surviving White family. The scheme will have something to do with poisoning Jack with fumes, since he doesn't wear a mask in the meth lab.

After the last episode, please use the comments section of this post to marvel at my psychic abilities.