Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dharma Videos

Resident monk Kwan Sahn Su Nim has been keeping the Empty Gate Zen Center YouTube Channel updated with short clips from our weekly public programs. Here's the latest:

Also from YouTube, video of our founder, Zen Master Seung Sahn (aka Dae Soen Sa Nim). It's a collection of clips from teaching talks, interviews, etc, put together for his 3-year memorial in 2007.

With all the stories and quotes I've included in this blog about ZM Seung Sahn, I don't know if I've ever posted any actual video of him before. Perhaps these clips are worthwhile in expressing the spirit behind the words of his teaching:

Finally, in today's web surfing I discovered a couple blogs maintained by Barry Briggs, a brother in both Dharma and Computer Geekdom. I've added them to my links list to the right of this page: Go Drink Tea (Koans for Everyday Use) and Ox Herding (Practice and Daily Life).

Traffic to my own blog (this one) mysteriously up-ticked, doubling the usual number of visitors for a couple days last week. It seems that more people are arriving through simply Googling "Random Thoughts," particularly in Canada. Go figure. I offer the above videos and links in the hope that these extra passers-by will find something useful herein.

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Former Berkeley Girl said...

I enjoyed the video. To the question, What is I, I would respond first that I am an alcoholic. That is an understanding that has certainly helped me in innumerable ways. It is, however, limiting, in a way that is sometimes difficult to describe to other alcoholics who are committed to 12-step recovery. These are a series of understandings that are often very helpful.

I suppose that is not the whole "truth" however, and perhaps there is no truth that is not whole. It has seemed like a limited condition to stop with that one understanding about myself, and not continue with the question.