Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Insight into my Blog Visitors

I happened upon a site today that allowed me to see the top 20 seach-engine phrases that had resulted in visits to my blog (this one) in the last year. Hey, maybe if I use all 20 of them in a single post, it'll boost readership. Ya gotta give the people what they want. Here goes, these are the top 20, for real:

adi da dies, adi da death, trippy+patterns, adi da dead, trippy+shrooms, death of adi da, baba muktananda, trippy+mushrooms, trippy+swirls, trippy+visuals, trippy+marijuana, trippy+animated+gif, trippy+mushroom, mushroom+trip, death of Adi Da, adi da is dead, adi da blog, mushroom trip video, Death of Adi Da, Adi Da death


yomamma said...

that is funny! adi freakin da. how does that make you feel? whenever i think of trippy mushrooms , you are the first thing that comes to mind man..

Stuart said...

Ever since my initial post on Adi Da's death caused a huge spike in this blog's traffic, I've been curious about the phenom. Even though he had a tiny number of dedicated followers, I guess his prolific writing made him known to a much larger population. That, along with the fact that relatively few bloggers wrote about his death (compared to, say, the number you'd find when Googling "Zen") would explain all those hits.

I use a trippy animation as my "photo" on this blog, and I happened to name that file "trippy"; that explains lots of the other hits.

Stuff I've written about Zen (not to mention Salvia Divinorum) is closer to my heart than the blog postings on Da or 'shrooms. It goes to show me that what's most "popular" may be interesting data as a curiosity... but it's got little connection to what I value most.

yomamma said...

still it's good to know what sells. fat bald guys and dope! also Da was around for ever. I remember when he was Bubba Free John. Sounds like he lost his sense of humor over time. I think he had some form of graphomania, I tried reading one of his books, but i think he was off his nut by that time.

Stuart said...

For the benefit of readers as uneducated as I am, here's the Wikipedia definition:

Graphomania (from Greek γραφειν — writing, and μανία — insanity), also known as scribomania, refers to an obsessive impulse to write. When used in a specifically psychiatric context, it labels a morbid mental condition characterized by the writing of long successions of unconnected meaningless words.

Graphomania is near condition to typomania - obsessiveness with seeing one's name in publication or with writing for being published, excessive symbolism or typology.

Outside the psychiatric definitions of graphomania and related conditions, the word is used more broadly to label the urge and need write excessively, whether professional or not.

Anonymous said...

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