Monday, January 07, 2013

BuckyBall Pyramid

On Thanksgiving, my brother introduced me to BuckyBalls, and I've become a bit obsessed. They work better than prayer beads at pacifying my mind.

Last month, BuckyBalls were taken off the market, due to government harassment. (While this is upsetting, at least marijuana is still legal, I think.) I got mine just under the wire. I'm pretty sure you can still get knock-offs from China.


Iliad Keys said...

I read a book on Nanotechnology and physics that talked about buckyballs once, certain maleable structures at a molecular level that were proposed to have use in micro machinery or some such. I'm guessing this is something else though...?

Stuart Resnick said...

Yes, "BuckyBalls" has some connection to molecular structures and the work of Buckminster Fuller. But I only know them as a neat toy.